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Premium Domain Names

Aside from developing our network of websites we also invest in domain names as a commodity. In fact we have been buying and selling domain names for more than 20 years and have built up a substantial portfolio of premium domain names. During that time we have sold hundreds of domains including some of the best UK domains in existence to happy customers.

We are full members of Nominet, the official UK domain registry - we manage the CAMBRIDGE registrar tag.

Some of our recent sales include:

remortgage.uk (£17000)
injury.co.uk (£10399)
insure.uk (£10200)
film.uk (£6800)
gay.uk (£undisclosed)
build.uk (£3174)
edinburgh.uk / glasgow.uk (£11600)
innovations.uk (£2500)
workshop.co.uk (£1700)
browse.co.uk (£3000)
survival.uk (£2161)
plugins.co.uk (£1350)

Below is a small selection of our portfolio. If you are interested in any of these domains or any other domain on the CAMBRIDGE registrar tag, you are welcome to make an offer.

advertise.ukBuy/Make Offer
reservations.ukBuy/Make Offer
jr.ukBuy/Make Offer
commission.ukBuy/Make Offer
checkout.ukBuy/Make Offer
bournemouth.ukBuy/Make Offer
colchester.ukBuy/Make Offer
newport.ukBuy/Make Offer
subscribe.ukBuy/Make Offer
crawley.ukBuy/Make Offer
freelancers.ukBuy/Make Offer
huddersfield.ukBuy/Make Offer
landlord.ukBuy/Make Offer
inverness.ukBuy/Make Offer
lynx.ukBuy/Make Offer
stokeontrent.ukBuy/Make Offer
subscription.ukBuy/Make Offer
smoking.ukBuy/Make Offer
negotiate.ukBuy/Make Offer
journals.ukBuy/Make Offer
floorplans.ukBuy/Make Offer
worcester.ukBuy/Make Offer
wigan.ukBuy/Make Offer
chatham.ukBuy/Make Offer
derry.ukBuy/Make Offer
durham.ukBuy/Make Offer
fareham.ukBuy/Make Offer
cannock.ukBuy/Make Offer
camberley.ukBuy/Make Offer
creativity.ukBuy/Make Offer
comment.ukBuy/Make Offer
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